Price List

Reusable Products

Snack Bag


Snack bags for kids made with waterproof material, it can be use with carrot sticks or crackers.

Sandwich Bag


Sandwich bag which can also snap smaller to be a snack bag. The waterproof material will keep your food fresh. I have tested them in the fridge and counter and the bread is still soft.

Cutlery Bag


Bag to keep cutlery and a straw on you when you need it! So you don’t have to grab a plastic one. 

$14.00 for the bag or $20.00 for the bag including wide smoothy metal straw, cleaner and 3 piece birch cutlery.

Dog Treat Bag


Waterproof dog treat bag to attach to your belt or leash. 3x4

Makeup Wipe


Made from double sided soft flannelette to wash off your makeup or refresh. 7x7

Baby Wipe


Made from double sided soft flannelette. For cleaning bums or washing faces and fingers. I would buy different patters for each! 9x9

Kids Shopping Bag


Made from kids tank tops into shopping bag. So the kids can help with shopping. Regular are $10 and the fancy (ruffles) are $12. Various sizes and patterns.

Bowl or Plate Cozy


Protect your hands when microwaving or lifting something cold. Made with all cotton fabric, batting and thread which makes it microwave safe. 8x8